Chapter 29 – Good Morning: Page 3

Chapter 29 - Good Morning: Page 3

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  • kuku

    Elan honey honey why would he be mad at you?

    • Jonni

      I would normally suspect Elan was framing his expectations according to his family history, but that expression leads me to think he’s being a tease…

      It’s fun trying to read Elan’s subtleties.

  • Rafa is laying in the bed sexy and Elan is wearing only a shirt sexy. These two are just so sexy and adrable. ^_^

  • Red

    Mad at you? Why in the world?

  • Jeldenil

    Elan… what are you still standing there for?

  • bronakopdin

    N’awww such a confession and Elan can still not believe it?
    Have some more confidence!!
    The insecurity in his face in the last panel >////< I hope Rafa will fix that over time :D

  • JesBelle

    I think that when Elan made that remark about Rafa’s bed, it was an effort to be nonchalant about any sexy times Rafa was engaged in while they were apart. Now he realizes that it may have sounded like snarky slut-shaming. Plus, Elan is truly clueless about how much acceptance and patience he can expect.

    When a parent has been unreasonably critical of you all of your life, it can make it impossible to know how people are perceiving you. Elan really wants love and acceptance from Rafa, and he gets that Rafa wants to give it, but Elan expects that to have conditions, and he is completely blind to what those conditions are. He really has no idea when he will do the unacceptable thing. He just knows that he will.

  • IronDog

    That was beautifully defused, Rafa. Well done. Very mature.