About the Webcomic

This is a very different kind of webcomic. Elan Meets Rafa isn’t fantasy, superhero, or yaoi/anime, and the pages are drawn mostly traditionally in a soft American style with a musical track included. It is a simple story about two boys finding love amidst cultural and class differences.

Synopsis: To free himself from his wealthy father’s demands Elan leaves everything behind to start a new life. He quickly finds that he is ill-prepared for the real world. He meets Rafa–a strong and resilient boy from a poor family, who provides protection for him. With Rafa and many new friends, Elan starts to find a place for himself in the dangerous urban neighborhood they live in. Then things turn horribly wrong and love is tested against deception, crushing guilt, and the demands of two different worlds.

Intended for Mature Readers.

Character Profiles

ELAN SINGER: The son of a successful Jewish father and wealthy Irish/Mexican mother, Elan received good education and led a secluded life. When he refused to follow the life his father wanted for him Elan’s life was turned upside down.

Elan’s mother was intelligent and loving. She preferred to home-school and privately tutor Elan until her untimely death. After his mother died, Elan said he “was in a fog for years” and did exactly as his father dictated–sequestered study, private college, and little social activity.  It was that one moment of rebellion that changed his life.


RAFA SALTOS: Dark-eyed Rafa is the son of immigrants. Handsome and charming, he has had little educational opportunities, but is wise and street smart.

His older brothers were hard and cruel and Rafa learned how to fight and defend himself from them and their friends at an young age.  Now in his early twenties, Rafa’s wild temper and ability to fight are a neighborhood legend. Rafa, who was in and out of Juvenile Hall for petty crimes, stepped up to take care of his large family when his two brothers were incarcerated. Rafa lives in an often mean and cruel world. He is continually disappointed by the male role models in his family and his neighborhood.


 Other Characters – more to be added!

Murakami the cat MURAKAMI THE CAT: Elan’s Siamese cat named after his favorite author Haruki Murakami. And much like his namesake’s penchant for mystical cats, Murakami helps shape the lives of his favorite humans.Murakami, or “Big Boy” as Rafa calls him, is the catalyst that brings Elan and Rafa together, and maybe helps bring them back together? He is one of the many animals that weave their way into this story.
JAKE: Rafa’s friend and former boyfriend. Jake is involved in some nefarious drug business and dealings, and also is none too happy to meet Elan–the first big threat to his and Rafa’s on and off relationship. Jake has known Rafa since childhood and was one to defend him against Rafa’s older and meaner brothers. Their bond his strong but doesn’t allow Rafa to grow into the man he wants to be, the man he sees in Elan.
CARLISE: The clever waitress at Queenies – an old friend of Rafa’s who becomes a friend and ally to Elan. She never is scared to tell anyone what she thinks. Rafa and she fight a lot, but trust each other like siblings.
CARLOS: The sarcastic shortorder cook at Queenies who Rafa trusts for advice.
THE GOVERNOR: Local sleazeball pimp and drug dealer. Friend or foe? We don’t know.
cyclops MUJERCITA/CYCLOPS: Rafa’s mean kitten.
gabriel GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ: Elan’s canary.
gerard GÉRARD: Elan’s butler.