Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 5

Chapter 22 - Page 5

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  • *giggles* Could Rafa look any cuter asking Carlise for help?

    Awwww kids doing their homework in the Diner and sharing Elan’s teachings. ^_^

    *laughs* OMG, that is funny. Rafa asking kids about Elan and the kids telling him “Mom told me not to talk to strangers.” *giggles* Will Carlise say anything?

  • AinsleyMcKellen

    All these comic updates I’m seeing.

    I’m so happy. I think it’s making my cold go away.

    Nope. I just hacked. But I’m still happy.

    Edit: And hot damn. Facial hair really aged Rafa.

  • kuku

    Looking handsome there, Rafa. Validation of your work is good for you. But I feel for you. Not “What should I wear” – hmm, let me choose – but “What do I wear?” – help, I have no idea, tell me! Luckily he asked the right person!

  • D. Garrett

    smart and obedient kid. and rafa looks so hot!

    • *snort* Smart kid, maybe. I see a kid cleverly using parental mandate as an excuse to snark off at an adult. Very amusing nonethless. For some reason kids like me and I get that kind of clever attitude from them all-l-l-l the time. Still, I’d prefer a happy, smart, smiling kid to a “quiet and obedient” one any day. Something unnatural about those quiet ones. They is sneaky.

      • D. Garrett

        that interpretation depends on tone and inflection. neither of which can be discerned by mere reading. i read it as the kid saying it sincerely. i believe it is wrong to say its something unnatural about quiet children. some people (whether child, teen or adult) are just taciturn. and whether u r quiet or boisterous, u can be sneaky.

        • Oh, certainly! I say all this about kids in good fun. They tease me and I tease them about being clever little monsters. The ones I know get a good giggle out of it.

          • D. Garrett

            sorry its a sensitive issue cuz i was quiet and frequently accused of being sneaky. sometimes it was true, other times not. i don’t think i was sneakier than the more outspoken kids.

          • There is no need for apologies. I use the term “sneaky” as an endearment but I’m aware how many don’t. I enjoy the company of clever, “sneaky” kids and the quiet ones often witness things with surprising depth and maturity.

  • I like how Rafa’s body language looks so pensive as he asks Carlise for help. Light scruff on a man can look sexy to me but Rafa’s beard is starting to look “rough” to me — like it is a sign of depression. I know when I feel down I don’t feel like shaving. If the love of my life vanished beyond my ability to reach without closure I’d likely fare much worse than poor Rafa. Still, the kids and Carlise remind me that life goes on despite anything that happens. Perhaps Rafa should listen. He won’t have a future with Elan until he lets go of their past.

    • kuku

      hey, good to see you back! missed you commenting here for awhile.

      • Thank you, Kuku! I’m frankly surprised anyone pays attention to my long-winded rambling. I find it flattering!

  • bronakopdin

    oh my! This is just too cute how Rafa asks for help :)
    and how he seems to get every sound of Elan’s name even in the soundscape of a diner!

    good kids to listen to their mommies though xD