Chapter 15 – Apart: 4

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 4

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  • matsuba44

    argh flabbing gasten i’m waiting for more but i don’t wanna not read it it’s like an addiction cause the comic is really nice >_<

    • The Mice

      Only two pages a week so at least your addiction won’t take up too much time! Glad you enjoy it. :) <3

  • peter

    really enjoying your comic – was intending to just read the first chapter and then get back to the chores, but the story sort of caught me and urged to read on until the end. Guess the chores have to wait till another time :)

    • The Mice

      Haha, well, I have piles of undone choirs from creating the pages. Chores will be there waiting, always. It’ll give you something to think about or new music to listen to while you do them now!

      Thank you! <3

  • Alex

    I love this — the characters are so fresh and different — their opinions and worlds collide in such wonderful ways. I have read the whole comic now 2 or 3 times (maybe more?) and I just wished to say thank you. It made me smile so much — I had a Murakami of my own for 18 years (blue point siamese boa-constrictor), and I miss him. ^__^ I only wish I’d had a Rafa, too. I think everyone needs a Rafa. ^___^ your art: the way you draw your hands, your eyes and smiles, your saints and devils, the mesh so well with your beautiful story telling… I love them. Thank you thank you. Please keep writing and drawing!

    … but where is the paino that Rafa bought? I am wondering this…

    p.s. Carlos is my favorite character. <3

    • The Mice

      I’m so glad you enjoy it! Definitely makes all the hours and hours I spent on it worthwhile. :)

      Murakami is modeled after my sister’s Siamese who was the smartest cat I’ve ever met (and I’ve had plenty). She seemed to know things would happen before they did. Murakami was made into a boy though!

      The piano has definitely still coming. You’ll read about it in about 2-3 weeks or so, there will be a bit of a parallel with it.

      I’m glad you like Carlos. I don’t do self-inserts but I would say Carlos says and does what I would say. His personality is most like mine. And Carlos is my dad’s name!

  • Melancholydreamer

    Thank you for all your hard work on this comic. I started it earlier tonight and found myself completely caught up in the story. It’s an incredible story, thank you for sharing it with us. It’s also very awesome to start on page one and see this page. Your talent has grown better and better with each panel. I will be returning to see how the story progresses. It’s also pretty refreshing to see a comic with this much detail, so artists tend to give up on the beautiful details after a while because it’s so cumbersome. Not you! You keep doing what you love and we’ll keep coming back.

    Thanks again for sharing this comic with us.

    • The Mice

      Thank you for reading it! Writers and artists long most for an audience for their work (don’t let them tell you otherwise).

      In some ways it is almost painful for me to see the first pages or so, I had so much to learn. I hope to feel that way later too. I owe a lot to Elan and Rafa for helping me learn to draw. Webcomics, if you are consistent and passionate about your story, is one of the best ways to improve! Even if you are way below what you think is good enough for a public webcomic. :)

      Thanks again! :)

  • Lleyn

    You know, it is a sign that I’m hooked to a story when I keep coming back to check for new pages even though I -know- there won’t be any before Wednesday! And of course, it is only an excuse to read the comic again ;)

    • The Mice

      I see those webcomics that update twice a week and I envy them. I think I’m a fast drawer, I just have a full-time job. :(

      But I’m so glad you like it! Hope you continue to do so. :D

  • Lleyn

    Ah, no worries about only updating once a week, please! I know all too well the limitations that a full-time job can impose on one’s creativity. There just never seems to be enough time *g* And there are plenty of really grand webcomics around that update once a week, that’s perfectly alright! I just thought it hilarious that I check the website when I know the update day – it’s really only an excuse to ogle at your beautiful art.

  • Alex

    Carlos sounds like one of my oldest friends — he is always worried about you and watching over you, but instead of nagging, he makes jokes — so you have to think about what he says, and think about why you feel a certain way — he is very wise. He is a good teacher, but maybe not a good role model~ haha. Carlos sounds like he might be the heart of the neighborhood. Some people go to the priest, some people to the bartender, but if you want GOOD advice, you go to the diner and speak to the cook. I like this.

    I’m so glad to hear los Refridgeratos have not thrown away the piano while Rafa was sulking on his couch!

    p.s. My Murakami was named Rocky, and he was a fighter, and smart, too. He would always know when I needed him. :)

    I am curious now, I thought that maybe you were the mouse in the story (that is why your name is “Mice)? But we haven’t seen the mouse in quite a while, I think… I hope he is okay. I think Murakami needs to go rescue Elan from his father — maybe with a scratched face? His father is very scary.

    • The Mice

      The real Murakami met with a sad death, this Murakami will live forever in her honor! :)

      LOL, no one is 100% good in this story. Carlos is about as good a role model as one can get around there. You’ll learn a bit more about him later.

      I am the mice. She is still there, you have to really look for her sometimes! She shows up infrequently but look here:

  • Alex

    I am so sorry to hear about Murakami-san! My cat, he had his liver fail three times over the course of 5 years, and we had him on an IV. But he got better, and lived to be 18 — I think because he was like Elan — very strong will and hard head — even though he was small and gentle. I was very blessed. But so many animals die young or get sick and are hurt for a long time with no one to care for them. It is so hard because you cannot explain to them what is wrong and why they are in pain. I am sorry that Murakami-san had a sad death, and am glad that he (she?) will live on here, where he is loved and cared for and safe with Rafa. Blessed are the small protectors of our hearts, because their kindness is greater than their size, and they are the most compassionate teachers.

  • Ninhursag

    Reminds me of the snail from Adventure Time.