Chapter 15 – Apart: 3

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 3

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  • Alex

    Have you listened to the song “Black Canvas” by Imogen Heap? It’s crazy but good, and makes me think of how Elan’s mind works, sometimes. All fractured poetry and glittering lights. Sadness, too.

    Rafa is stronger, quieter inside… maybe he knows himself better? But he doesn’t like himself some of the time, and that is sad. He is a good man. “Some days” by U2.

    • The Mice

      Thank you for the music suggestions! I’m always open to them. I’ll definitely listen.

      I do think you got the character’s personalities which makes me happy that I must have gotten that across well. Rafa is trying hard to be a good man after having a wild past, but I think he is already there. Elan is good, but all poetry and idealism where Rafa is a realist. I think they complement each other if they can overcome their own bad thoughts about themselves.

  • Alex


    I think many people struggle with self-esteem, and you are right, it can be very crippling. I love how they speak and think so differently. Thank you again for writing this amazing comic.

  • Khana Chan

    the last panel, haha he looked like thor

  • Jermany

    Oh my God, he looks amazing in that last pic!