Chapter 15 – Apart: 17

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 17

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  • LordMouri

    You are making me cry. All the horrible, delicious, painful feelings in just a few hours.

    I’m going to be keeping up with this story, adding it to the list I read. You have an amazing story going here, very different from what I usually read.

    • themice

      Thank you [for crying ;)].

      I read that a lot, that is is much different than what people normally read. What types of stories do you usually read online?

      • LordMouri

        Well, I usually read more supernatural/superhuman/si-fi types. This (so far) doesn’t have any of those and I’m enjoying the change of pace. Sometimes it nice to have a story that’s just two humans in an unfair and completely true world.

        • themice

          LOL. I don’t think it would fit with the story if Rafa and Elan became paranormal warriors or superheroes fighting aliens from distant planets. Maybe for the next series!

  • Lleyn

    Damn, Elan did not get to tell him that he loves him. Rafa, call. him. back! Though, I guess it would only be the stuck-up butler answering and telling him to stay away *sigh* You are a cruel, cruel mastermind, Mice! ;)

    • themice

      LOL. Yes, you’ll find me even more cruel. :P

      • taurussieben

        Even more cruel? *get the tissues ready*

        • themice

          Cruel because it is a Private Caller call, blocked phone numbers.

          • Lleyn

            Yes, I noticed that while writing my comment, but thought it would not matter any more, because you already were cruel to us with the whole thing ;P

            But I think that Rafa could still find out how to contact Elan – if he’d think that Elan wants to be contacted, which it doesn’t sound like it from that damn interrupted phone call. So, I will repeat myself, you are one cruel, cruel rodent ;)

          • themice

            You’ll see. It’s complicated – more of a case of ‘doing the right thing’ supposedly.

          • Roksana Gabriela Szuszkiewicz

            Rafa knows Elan surname… and they recognize Elans father – maybe it’s enough to contact !!

  • themice

    No, Rafa’s not happy. Glad you caught that! :)

  • Marfisa

    At least now Rafa presumably has a phone number to call him back at–although, as Lleyn said, odds are the obstructive butler would be the one to answer.

    • themice

      Nope. Notice Rafa says “Private Caller”. The Singer household would of course have blocked phone numbers.

  • Tambra Galid

    Rafa needs to storm that castle and find his Elan! NOW!

    • themice

      He thinks he is safer there. :(

  • Donald Burch

    “Rafa, come and get me, now” might have ended the comic early but really…? Oh, I know Rafa thinks Elan is safer and Elan thinks Rafa has moved on but GAH! *head-desk* Love this comic. :)

    • themice

      Yes, that is about the gist of it! D:

  • Chris Roller

    First off, sorry for all of my necroposts, I’m new to this comic as of today.

    Second, I can’t figure out how you’re doing it but something about this comic is really hitting home for me. I had Christofori’s Dream playing in a different tab when I started reading this page, then I looked at the second panel.

    I lost it. I don’t know how you did it, but something broke loose and I had to lean back in my chair and let it happen.

  • IronDog

    Don’t fool yourself, Rafa. He’s not happy.