Rafael Anibal Saltos

No comic update this week (next week!) but I do have a few things to share.

Watercolor looks a bit scary when you start working on it. I never know if it will work until I add the final touches. Here is the Work-in-Progress photos (taken with an unreliable smartphone camera).

Rafa portrait WIP

Here is the final:

Rafa Watercolor Portrait

Rafael Anibal Saltos

A little background info on his name – Anibal is my father’s middle name and Saltos is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name (which she used as part of her name, old fashioned style).

See you next week!

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  • Kinkylittlewolf

    Oooo, it looks so pretty! Awesomely done! :D

  • It looks amazing! ^_^

  • No_One_Special

    awesome, nice,,

  • DC

    Beautiful :D

  • Red

    You are an amazing artist!

  • b3nc0

    Lovely! Loving the name history bits, too ♥

  • Oooh this is really pretty. You should sell a print or two at a con! *shameless con plugging again*
    You make me want to try water color; I haven’t done that since I was a kid! Then I remember the lady who tried to restore the picture of Jesus and her good intentions. Then I just go to bed >.<

    You should sell your watercolors though. They always come out amazing ^-^

    • themice

      I haven’t done a con yet (my personality might have a hard time with it!), I sell some things on Etsy. EMR stuff I tend to want to hold on to so sell only to private inquiries. Thanks.

      Oh that poor painting of Jesus. Didn’t the woman who did it sue too?

      • loveispainpleasure

        The person who donated it should sue.

    • JesBelle

      “In an effort to capitalize off the interest in the flap, a $1.30 admission is being charged to see the fresco, and the money, in turn, goes to a local charity. To date, more than $66,000 has been raised. The charity, called Sancti Spiritus, helps pay bills at a nursing home that houses 60 elderly individuals.” I guess god works in ridiculous ways, too.

      • themice

        Something good comes from the mishap. Great to hear!

    • loveispainpleasure

      Someone actually called this “hilarious”–I call it an absolute travesty.

  • Donald Burch

    I like the variations in tone in Rafa’s hair. It looks very natural. The details in the face are quite impressive. I enjoy the eyes and eyebrows most but I am also drawn to the lips and beard. I’m not one for facial hair as you might recall but this looks very sexy and masculine. Nicely done, Mice! May I ask how you manage such smooth brush strokes with the hair? I have difficulty getting longer hair to look right in color. Thank you!

    • themice

      I paint the brushstrokes on the hair and then soften them with a wet brush (with no color on it). Varying pressure on the brush as I go the opposite way. Thanks Donald.

  • JesBelle

    Soooo beautiful! The sensual mouth, the strong jaw, those sad, soulful eyes! I can’t draw a respectable stick figure; you are like a wizard or something to me.

  • WiseDragonGirl

    thanks for sharing, it looks great :)

  • bronakopdin

    I totally missed this, if only I would have knows you update extra art and BG info in the meantime!

    awesome pic of Rafa <3

    and I like his whole name!