I like BIG BOOKS and I can not lie!

All EMR Volumes are done and ALSO the two more economical big volumes are now available!!

EMR Volume 1 Amazon Elan Meets Rafa BIG VOLUME ONE (Chapters 1 – 20): A Boy Love Story 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm), Black and White on White paper, 354 pages.
Available on: Amazon
BIG VOLUME 1: When Elan Singer walks away from his privileged but lonely existence with little more than the clothes he’s wearing and a journal, he knows that his life is about to undergo a drastic change, but he would never have guessed that change would come in the form of a stray cat. Rafael Saltos has his life arranged just the way he likes it. He has enough work to pay his bills, enough time to shoot pool with his friends, and enough charisma to charm his way into anyone’s good graces (or bed), but a chance encounter will rearrange everything. Love blooms between Elan and Rafa like a flower in a cracked sidewalk, but can it survive the violence of the neighborhood or the secrets they keep from each other? (synopsis by JesBelle)
EMR Volume 1 Amazon Elan Meets Rafa BIG VOLUME TWO: A Boy Love Story (Chapters 21 – 33) 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm), Black and White on White paper, 314 pages.
Available on: Amazon
BIG VOLUME 2: Elan Singer and Rafael Saltos struggle to put their lives back together in the wake of the incident that cut short their romance just as it was beginning. Elan has discovered that he possesses a wealth of determination and strength along with the money left to him by his mother. He’s also discovered that Rafa may not be his only chance for love. Having given up his relationship with Elan in order to shield him from further harm, Rafa is appalled to find out that Elan has returned to the very neighborhood that almost killed him. Reuniting them will require the assistance of a certain hard-working feline. (synopsis by JesBelle)

If you have a severe financial hardship but still love EMR please contact me. I do offer deep discounts. Patreon supporters please contact me with addresses, too.

I’m zipping all my EMR files, so this may be the end of an era. I’m still on the fence about Kindle. And given all the pirating of older volumes I’m not working on them yet.

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