• Jeldenil

    Get well soon! And you know, don’t feel obliged to update when you are ill?

    • Ha, yes. I had it done just had to make it public. Colds affect the NEXT week more because I’ve been too sick to get inspired. I’m such a delicate snowflake.

  • Get well soon sweetie! I am getting over a stomach bug. I thought it had cleared up, but it seems it might be coming back. -_-

    • Oh no!
      I’ve had this since last Saturday and it is not.going.away.

      • It will, or I will make it leave! (Not sure how I will do this but I will!)

  • kuku

    Hope you feel better soon! And hey, it’s still Wednesday for quite a while, you’re not late!

  • bronakopdin

    oh noes, get well soon!!!