From webcomic to comic book very very slowly.

I’m hoping by the end of the week you’ll be able to purchase EMR Volume 1 and Volume 2 (each hold three chapters) at Amazon and Createspace. None of them would be done without me slave driving my betas: DokiDoki, JesBelle, and Kristina (my pages were a MESS). If you think you got out of editing, there are still MANY chapters to go! Mwahaha!

Rafa all serious like

Onward to the angst!

  • Saishi

    I will be so happy if we can! <3

  • JesBelle

    Ha-ha! Your dropped commas are no match for me! I welcome the challenge!

    • themice

      I’ve been trying to fix my drop commas prior to sending out other edits. But my minor dyslexia really doesn’t help! I DO see commas everywhere in life now.

  • Red

    That Elan looking at art… beautiful…. Mice I just saw kid Elan today… at my work, I work at a hospital, and came this 6 years old cute little guy, curly curly curly hair, fair skin, and those eyes he had were Elan’s.
    He had gray eyes with long abundant eyelashes. Then at such a young age he was so brave when I had to draw blood from him, I just remember how strong is Elan even when we didn’t realized he was so strong. I was amazed really by that cute kid today. (are you sure Elan is a fictional character? hehehe just joking…. but I saw him today.)

    • There is someone that looks like Rafa (an adult though)!

      • Red

        Where, where? *looks frantically around* I wanna marry him… If he looks like that drawing above… I would definitively take him home… hehe

        • He lives in Ecuador! Who knows if he looks the same though. He’d be about in his early 40s now.

          • Red

            Is that someone who’s image inspired you?

          • Actually, no. I only met him briefly and wasn’t left with a great impression. I only thought of him as I was doing some character building. I wanted Rafa’s family to be from Ecuador but I wanted him to look a little different and I thought of this guy.

          • Red

            Ok. Anyways, ispiration… references…. we can find them sometimes in the least expected places.

          • Of course, now that you mention it. He was an inspiration. His ancestors were German, which accounted for his blond hair, which I used for Rafa too. Other than that, he was Latino through and through.