• kuku

    Welcome back!

  • Yay! I have missed these guys. ^_^

  • Jeldenil

    Welcome back! I signed up for the notification, but I saw the announcement on facebook and didn’t get mail. Dunno if you used that system yet, but wanted to tell you.

    • I use Mailchimp, which will batch out large lists in sections — but I doubt that happened. I would have to check if your email is entered correctly, or you can see if it went to spam. Other than that I never comprehend what happens after emails are sent — sometimes they make it, sometimes they disappear into the ether.

      I do crosspost updates to cover all users (hopefully). First always to mailchimp since I feel if you sign up you get the white glove service. Then facebook, tumblr, and twitter is pinged (sometimes not until the actual Wednesday date).

      Then sometimes I forget the social media part.

      • Jeldenil

        I found it in my spambox, but I am not sure whether it arrived before or after I saw the update announcement on facebook :)

  • bronakopdin

    Welcome back dear :D
    Hope you could sort out whatever was going on at home *huggles*

  • Justme

    Welcome back! Hope all is well with and for you now.