• Its okay themice! We can wait for the pages, especially if there are things that you need to redo. We can wait. ^_^

    • themice

      Thanks Doki!

  • Oh, I just found this……EMR is third on this list, right under Teahouse. ^_^


    • themice

      Oh wow! Nice! How did you find that? It didn’t show up when I occasionally google EMR.

      • Grave Impressions posted it on their Facebook page and it showed up in my news feed. ^_^ There are only two on that list that I haven’t read – 4 & 6.

        • themice

          I had never heard of #4 or #8.

          • Purpurea Noxa is an Italian comic based off of Vampire the Requiem I believe. VtR is a role-playing game, never played it but I know of it.

        • SVM2015

          I love Grave Impressions. I definitely need to look at that list myself. :) Congrats themice! I’ll totally wait for the updates and the redo. There’s a lot of content here. Take care and have fun!