To Be Continued

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  • Roksana Gabriela Szuszkiewicz

    Love it :)

    • themice

      :) <3

      • bandanajack

        by the way, i love the humans, but need more cats…

  • Kelsey

    Ugghhhhhhhh Elan needs to scoot his ass out of that house and find poor bby Rafa omg ;-;

  • Kalic0

    I love this story!

    • themice


  • Rowen

    I am very impressed by this story. I was a little hesitant at first because of the style of drawing. I was not sure if I could follow it. But with this style along with the text you have managed to portray more emotion and plot then many of the other comics I have read in the past. The story completely sucked me in. I was supposed to be asleep for work a good hour ago and I just had to keep reading. Very well done.

    • themice

      You stated my first and worst fear about this comic – that is such a different style people would pass on it. Not that a different style is bad, but this veers off quite a bit! I’m glad you stuck it out. I wish I could buy you a cup of coffee for tomorrow’s workday! :)

  • themice

    Thank you! I’ve been consistent with my updates over the last 2 years. I hope to keep it up. But at the same time I don’t want to end it. :)

  • Nallad

    Discovered your tale today…

    Thank you.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    • themice

      Thank you for reading it! <3

  • I AM R U

    So I’ve just caught up :) And I’m hooked… Can’t wait to see what happens, and I’m absolutely begging for a happy ending – damn you and making me care so much about the characters!

    • themice

      Woot! Glad your hooked.

      Larry Brown (a southern “grit lit” writer now deceased) wrote that his characters were just as real to him as his wife and children. Yes, he may be a little cray but I understand the sentiment. They are very real to me.

      • I AM R U

        I know what you mean :) keep up the amazing work!!!

        (also, I kinda squeed like a fangirl when I say you’d replied to me… >.<)

        • I AM R U

          *saw ^///^;;

        • themice

          ^^ I like to talk to readers. They also let me know about the mistakes!

  • Dokidokibaka

    So, themice my love, when am I going to get to read the continuation of this story? Cannot wait to see what happens next!!!

    • themice

      Every Wednesday! :)

  • Jennifer Scott

    You’re artwork is very lovely and non traditional, in terms of comics at least. Just read through the entire story and look forward to your Wednesday updates. Thanks for the entertainment.

    • themice

      Thank you! I hope you continue to find it entertaining the Wednesdays to come.

  • Aaron F.

    Suddenly seeing this after reading everything leading up to it was like running headlong into a brick wall. I can’t wait for Wednesday now…

    • themice

      So far I’ve been good about Wednesdays, sometimes even tuesday night (PST).

  • themice

    Thank you.

    I think a lot about the ad and how to bring people in but be truthful that it isn’t anime. TH was suppose to run two ads I think but only ran one so I don’t know if the other more color/less sketchy one would have worked too.

    • gahocleric

      I think it would have, only because I think it would have drawn the eye to it better, I mean I only found this comic because I happen to have the ads on teahouse unblocked, had it been anywhere else I probably wouldn’t have noticed it because it blends in rather a lot with standard website backgrounds. Glad I did though, oh man. (Also seriously these two page updates are killin me here lol)

      • themice

        Yes, I wish TH had run the other ad like they said they would. I guess they got too busy.

        • crooner62

          Wouldn’t matter, o talented Mouse! The quality of your work would squeak for itself! xoxo

      • crooner62

        Yes! I almost can’t bear the suspense… (which is why I’ve taken to pretending it is not here for several weeks and then catching up) But it doesn’t matter because there is always more to be revealed and – no matter where it’s up to – I wish to know more! [Ah, the genius of good serial writing… that’s what Charles Dickens did and it made his stories some of the most exciting – and influential – in 19th Century London, not to mention the rest of the English-speaking world!]

  • Denita Brown

    I’m with Rowen I was supposed to be asleep awhile ago but this story sucked me in and I couldn’t stop cant wait for next Wednesday

    • themice

      Hope you weren’t too sleepy in the morning!

      • Denita Brown

        Nah, I’m use to late night shenanigans, lol. Thanks

  • gahocleric

    Not gonna lie when I clicked on this completely by accident attempting to comment on the new page of Teahouse, but I’m really not regretting that misclick at all. I’ve just read through the whole thing in one sitting and am completely hooked, while there were a few pages showing the journal entries that I had difficulty reading I love it completely. I cannot wait for more. (and sadly it is already wednesday so I don’t have more pages to look forward to this week. Sadness. :(

    • themice

      I am glad you misclicked! Eventually I’ll resize the journal entries. Putting in on my loooong list.

      I am wondering how to produce an ad that gets people to click. Graphic Design isn’t really my thing. :P

  • WiseDragonQueen .

    Discovered it today and left a comment here and there. Read all the way through it. A fantastic storyline and great art. So emotional at some points, it’s amazing. Keep up the good work!

    • themice

      Thank you for reading! <3

      • bandanajack

        i wish i had found this much later. i must have found it pretty early, because i did have to read perhaps a months worth and then the screeching halt. i wish i could pretend it wasn’t here for a few months, but i am incapable of ignoring the notification when it arrives,

        • If only I could draw/scan/prepare as fast as you can read!

  • DarthBunny

    This is one of the best comics I have read in a very long time. I sat in one sitting finishing it and I am sad to see I came to the end. I now have a weekly comic to wait for. I read Teahouse comic and that is how I found this amazing work of art. Please keep it coming.

    • themice

      Teahouse is amazing, I’ve nabbed a few of their readers but it doesn’t even begin to compare to that masterpiece.

  • Badaboom

    This story is amazing, you managed to build such an amazing atmosphere, sweat and harsh at the same time… It makes me smile and cry all the same. I love it, thank you for this new experience, I can’t wait to read more!

  • Badaboom

    This story is amazing, you managed to build such an amazing atmosphere, sweat and harsh at the same time… It makes me smile and cry all the same. I love it, thank you for this new experience, I can’t wait to read more!

    • themice

      You’re welcome. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  • themice

    Thank you! <3

  • ClassicPi

    Ah, I have reached the end for now! I would just like to say this is a very awesome comic, just found out about it yesterday and couldn’t stop reading. Kudos and best of wishes to the creator, looking forward to reading more.

    • themice

      Thank you! <3

  • Admiral

    This has been quite captivating. I look forward to reading more…please keep up the good work! Thank you!

    • themice

      I don’t see myself abandoning this midway! ^^

  • jinsunpyo

    I chanced upon this beautiful comic purely by accident today, and read it from beginning to, well, here, all in one sitting. I am completely blown away! The story is tight and delicious and dramatic and heart rending, and the way you draw hands is MAGIC. I really can’t wait to read more/the ending. Please, please hurry and post more! I’m hooked!

    • themice

      Gracias! I am happy you are enjoying it. I’ve been good about updates on Wednesday. I was just talking about how I wish I could update twice a week, but alas too many other jobs going on right now. (And the story would end sooner, I can’t imagine not doing their story right now).

    • bandanajack

      i remember when i found ARTIFICE after it was already complete. i had such a long and joyous read and the artwork was so good. i am one of those hounding alex woolfson for more adventures of a boy and his very good looking artificial humanoid. unfortunately, it does not appear that alex intends to revisit that story while i am still alive. (based on the fact that i am no spring chicken.

      • I met Alex at Yaoicon. He is a very nice guy and a great model for sales/marketing. I wish I was as extroverted and confident as he is!

  • Manuela

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your comic. I absolutly love your way of drawing it, it reminds me of the technique of my best friend… first I really thought she drew it without telling me haha… This comic is simply amazing. The story is absolutly interesting, the characters… gah I don’t know how I should write that in english… let’s just say I love them. But what I enjoy most is this unique way of drawing, keep it up! I can’t wait for more <3 have a nice day~

    • themice

      Thank you Manuela! Maybe your friend can start a webcomic too! Or sub for me lol.

  • tjnstlouismo

    I have enjoyed this strikingly beautiful comic since you started but don’t believe I have told you so. It reads like a poem and your artwork is so lovely but yet has a healthy masculine respect to it. Thank you.

  • Phoenix

    I just read this entire thing and then I got to this page and I thought it was a flashback or something BUT IT’S NOT AND IT’S ONLY FRIDAY AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FIVE DAYS FOR MORE PAGES I AM GOING TO GO THROUGH WITHDRAWAL.

  • sara

    i love your comic (and I love animals, esp. mice, cats, and birds, so i’ve found my soul mate as far as comics go) :)

    • themice

      *high five* soul sister!

  • SVM2015

    I’m super excited for the next portion. The plot is captivating and organic and the art really shows it well. I only jumped into the BL genre this year and I’m so glad that Elan Meets Rafa came for the ride. Wednesdays are way more fun now! :)
    I’m pretty good with photo and text editing so if you need any help with that Mice, I can do something simple.

    • themice

      I started reading/drawing yaoi/bl/slash about 3-4 years ago? Started with fanfiction and things went on from there!

      I might need help setting up Part 1 to have online for publishing/downloads. And I need a moderator for disqus while I’m gone. Though I might ask Dokidokibaka.

      • SVM2015

        Okay. No prob. Let me know what things I can help out with. I’m going to be on vacation pretty soon.

        • Vacation vacation, or school break vacation?

          • themice

            Just T-Day vacation. And just need someone to approve pending comments (those without disqus accounts). All the spam comes through wordpress comments not disqus :(.

          • I have no problem helping out. ^_^

          • SVM2015

            School break for the holidays. Vacation vacation doesn’t happen until December.

      • I would be honored. Just let me know. ^_^

  • Lucy Kemnitzer

    Did something change about the navigation? I can’t find the latest page without paging through the last chapter page by page by page now? There used to be a way to jump to a desired page, and I can’t find it. The only navigation I see takes me to the first page of the comic, or the first page of the latest chapter, or the “when will this be continued?” page.

    • themice

      Let me check that. I had to turn off a lot of plugins to save the site yesterday from the webhost server. I’ll turn a bunch back on.

      • Lucy Kemnitzer

        Thank you!
        I adore this story and I did page through the whole chapter to get to the update, just so you know.

        • themice

          I think I fixed it. I think it is time for me to upgrade my webhost plan! (Good! I’m getting more readers, Bad! more money ^^, I’ll take it).

          Thank you for letting me know and don’t hesitate to tell me when something goes wrong. In admin mode I don’t see a lot of the mistakes. <3 <3

          • Lucy Kemnitzer

            That was fast!

  • Simba Hutchison

    I found this through Doki (hi!) and I just now finished reading over the long weekend between family stuff. I am so impressed with the gorgeous art and I am completely in love with your complex, beautiful characters. Thank you for sharing this art with all of us! <3

    • themice

      You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it thus far! :)

  • gpike

    Hey, this is G (the one who draws Title Unrelated) – I found your comic through the forums on inkoutbreak and read the whole thing – what a sweet and heartwrenching story! I LOVE your art style! Can’t wait for more! :D

    • themice

      Thank you G! I don’t get a lot of traffic from InkoutBreak but I do like the place a lot. :) I’m relieved you enjoy the style…it is different (but the way I draw :P ).

  • Happy New Year @themice:disqus!!!

    • themice

      Thank you Doki! Happy New Year to you too!

  • SVM2015

    Happy 2014 everybody. ^_^ May there be good stories and good times!

    • Happy New Year SVM!!

    • themice

      Happy New Year to you too! <3

  • gahocleric


  • Derp

    Just found this comic and read all the way through — it’s so beautiful. There’s so much emotion and the hands and coloring in particular are just so, so UGH BEAUTIFUL /cries.

    I hope they get back together soooooon I’ve read too much sad stuff where people die instead ;-;

  • cerulean7


    • themice


  • nuunuu

    I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about this comic as well because I generally don’t read this style, but the more I read the more I fell in love with it. I’m really happy that I continued reading through it. I’ve read all 20 chapters so far in only a couple hours time. I should be doing some work right now but I had to continue reading until I was forced to come to a stopping point. I hope you continue this story and I look forward to the updates.

    • themice

      I am thankful you kept an open mind and continued to read my story. I actually hear/read this a lot — that people didn’t think they’d like it based on the unusual style. Perhaps that is why I’ve collected some great readers – people willing to think outside the box! Thank you!

  • TG

    I got really scared when the image didn’t load because I suddenly thought that the comic was over.
    I believed it because the last like of ch20pg20 was so poignant.

  • PinkPanther

    nice work there, hope Rafa and Elan can get back together soon.
    Really it’s killing me!
    Sorry I’m a really impatient person.
    And another thing, i really like your style but can Rafa please take off his beanie, it looks like he had brain surgery??

    • themice

      His head gets cold! But he does pull it off soon.

  • Heh

    Hi there! I saw someone mention this comic on TYP, and i love the story and art so much!
    You have so much talent! I read the whole thing in just two days! I hope this keep going and that Rafa and Elan can be together.

    Most honored to join you.

    • I have given you another slave to the story/addition to the cult/guinea pig fan @themice:disqus! ^_^

    • themice

      I have to start reading TYP! I get a lot of great readers from there (DOKI LOL!!). Thank you!

      • bandanajack

        before you do, look up ARTIFICE by the same creator with a different artist, equally talented. i say that only because ARTIFICE is complete, and you have the satisfaction of an ending, but the characters are still out there in space, waiting…

        • bandanajack

          i posted the link to the first page of ARTIFICE, but the site does not trust me. believe me, i am pretty sure you will be both charmed and excited,.

  • Jonni

    Wow, I read this all the way through last night and it’s all I’ve been able to think about at work today. What a heartbreakingly beautiful, uplifting story. Thank you for sharing it.

    • themice

      Thank YOU! <3

  • Zozo Hime

    I have just finished reading up to this point for two days and i have to say, this has touched me in so many levels that is not just in the storyline, but also in the artwork, they tell the story so well on their own, and made even more beautiful with the dialogue, I don’t always cry while reading webcomics, but when I do, it is a really good webcomic O3O keep up the awesome work. :3

  • Louisa

    Blitzed through this for the past …. 3 hours? and geeeez I’m in love with it! Cannot wait to read on! Came here from Teahouse I think… I’m always eager to give any webcomic a go and the style is so interesting and the attention to detail in the writing is so well crafted this has to be one of my favourites. I see lots of comments from a few months ago… has this not been updated for a while? – is struck with sadness at the thought of it not continuing =[ Anyway just wanted to say great job – love it :D

    • The most recent comments are on the last page (Chapter 20 Page 36). ^_^

      It just updated this past Wednesday ^_^ and updates every Wednesday. We are nearing the end of this Chapter and of Part Two. After the end of this Chapter themice will be taking a short break before starting the Part Three. ^_^ You can subscribe to EMR above and get an email notification when the comic updates. ^_^

      Welcome to EMR!

  • betamorphoses

    I just stumbled across your comic today and read the whole thing since I got home from work!

    A while back in the comments you mentioned not really being comfortable with backgrounds and perspective. I actually find the lack of backgrounds, and your tight focus on faces and hands, gives the comic a really intimate feel. I’ll admit it took a few pages to get used to, but I really like it. I feel closer to these characters, literally and figuratively, than I do with some comics I’ve been reading for years. And, the lack of backgrounds makes the comic universal. It could be any city. It’s everywhere. I’ve never come across this in the other comics I read. It’s like, in this comic, places are created/evoked by the characters’ feelings in them, and from there my imagination fills in the blanks. Rafa’s apartment is small but cozy, safe, and simple, because that’s how the characters feel when they are there, and really, that’s all I need to know.

    I guess I just wanted to say it feels like I’ve found a gem. I can’t wait to read more.

    • PandaPandy

      Literally did the same and finished seconds ago! Hah! More updates, please!!

  • Rin&Luna

    I have waited to comment till the very end. Themice this was very well drawn and a very nice comic. I look forward to the updates. I hope this cmic ends very well. <3

  • Phillip Good

    OMG! Please don’t leave it there! ;_;

    • ^_^ themice just started Part 3, I don’t think she is going to leave it there. ^_^ themice updates on Wednesdays. If you would like to get an email notification of the page’s updates, just enter in the appropriate information in the boxes provided above. ^_^

  • Red

    About the ads, Mice, it also depends on what people like. I saw the add on TH but what really brought me here was the “sketchiness”, your traditional way of doing the drawings, I love traditional graphite art. And I tell you, there are other adds here and there that I don’t even bother to look cause it’s not what I’m looking for or just simply don’t draw my attention. Much love. Take care.

    • themice

      Yes, it is hard to get a “one size fits all”. I hear a lot “I read DESPITE the sketchiness/style”. I think a lot of yaoi/bl, really comic readers in gross generalization, are purists and I often think ‘how do I get them to get out of the anime or traditional comic style box?’

  • I was starting to think that this story was finished. Then I saw this. You are no on my to-read/keep-track-of tab. :)

  • Tina

    Absolutely wonderful….Now I have to go through it again and write down all the artists/songs that I couldn’t download. The music added a great dimension to an already enthralling comic. I hope this updates again soon.

  • Lillihandra

    Got pointed to it via a friend in the YP community. Love this comic. Admittedly, it’s WAY past my bedtime, but it’s such a good story I couldn’t help myself.

    • ^_^ Yep it is an awesome story. ^_^ It pulls you in and you just cannot stop reading it until you are done.

    • SVM2015

      Right? Even I’m guilty of a bit of late-night reading of this myself. But it’s so worth it. ;)

  • Jaiden

    Can I say I loved this? I’m still rooting for Elan to come torches senses and stop being so aloof and cold to Rafa. But anywho. Love it and hope you update soon. C: (the art is amazing by the way, gorgeous!)

  • I’m finally hating this page… I don’t wanna wait for next weeeeeeeek…. whine whine whine.

    • I lost my buffer, so I have to work hard to get the next pages up! Ack!!

  • That random gay guy


  • Geraldina Broomfield

    I found your comic recently, and I loved it so much I went and bought every volume available that day. And now I look forward to every Wednesday to see how these beautiful boys will find their way back to each other. Quick question, will this last volume be on sale soon, and will it be in both digital and hard print? I like owning both formats. Thank you!

    • Thank you! I’ve VERY behind on the books but they will all be available. I am trying to make them as clean as possible so I have to correct so many grammer, spelling, etc. errors, plus InDesign is hard. Plus real life is a bust rignt ow. They will get done though.

  • Innana

    I just wanted to say that this comic is amazing and beautiful. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this a while back, but I’m so glad that I did. On Wednesdays, out of all the comics I check for updates, I check this one last because your comic is the one I want to savor. Thank you for the gorgeous work that you do.

    • So great to hear my hard work is enjoyed! Thank you for reading! <3

  • Noa Rothenberg

    Okay so,

    I’ve read every webcomic and manga you can imagine. And then I stumbled across this one

    My heart was beating throughout this whole thing, I swear I also held my breath through most of it, especially towards the last chapters. This is so captivating. Your work, this is a masterpiece in the making. It’s now 4am and I didn’t even realise. I just wanted to finish it

    Cannot wait for the next update

    • THANK YOU! Your comment brought me great joy!

      Both my parents have serious health problems so I’m not sure how long I’ll be out this time. But an update will happen!

      • bandanajack

        i am really sorry to hear of your parents health problems. i know with folks my age, or that of my parents, life can get really complicated really fast. my father passed mercifully quickly, but the events after, and living alone unwound her pretty badly, and by the time she would pack up and move in with me, she had begun her slow descent into dementia, which was probably rougher on me than on her, but only marginally. at the time i was already somewhat disabled and collecting social security to live on, and car less. without a spouse or offspring to help me and her physicality still strong as her mind failed. i would not wish the 2 years that followed on my worst enemy. i hope you know to get as much help as you possibly can. taking care of one, not to mention two is too much for any one person.

        i know i won’t, and i doubt anyone else would either, held it against you if you were to just post the outline of the scenes to follow, week by week, just to keep the fan base attached to the saga.

        be strong, and take at least as good a care of yourself as you do of them. look into having the government agencies in charge treating you as a paid caregiver. i know i would have, but my mother clung to the outdated notion that this is a child’s duty to care for the parent without remuneration, so i just had to get buy on our joint resources.

        all the good i did do was that i did survive although in much worse health than i began in..

  • bandanajack

    Aaaarrrgghhhh !!!

  • bandanajack

    my god, these chapters, these snippets, are too short. i understand the reasons for this, but that is cold comfort when such heightened emotion is in play. if only i could turn away from the incoming episode until i had 5 or 10 built up, but i always jump to open the next installment. pity me.