Chapter Break 9

Chapter Break 9END OF PART TWO

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Also stay tuned for a coming feature with downloads and secrets and more!

  • kuku

    That’s a beautiful picture and I hope we start to see the way forward to it in part 3!

    I will miss having updates in the next few weeks, but have a good refreshing and fruitful break, The Mice!

  • Gorgeous and so sweet!

  • Lleyn

    *sigh* Why, oh why, do all my favorite webcomics have to go on hiatus over the summer? Don’t tell me artists need sunshine and fresh air as well ;) This picture is beautiful and I wish for nothing more than that Rafa will get over himself and his protection drive to reach out to Elan and show him that he does, indeed, love him.

    • JesBelle

      Yeah, I think five of the comics I follow are on hiatus now. It’s like a conspiracy to get me off the computer once in awhile or something.

  • Donald Burch

    Lovely image, Mice! You must have read my mind because I hoped you might take those soft curls I saw in the image where Felipe gave little Elan a kiss and apply them to the adult Elan. In the past your curls looked craggy and dry, brittle perhaps. This looks very soft and natural.

    I like the subtle colors. I want to know what is going through Rafa’s mind here. It looks like you took the boys as they are at the end of Chapter Two and let them express their weariness with each other, Perhaps like actors that step out of character at the end of a scene but feel tired from having gotten so deeply into the stress and emotion of the scene. Elan looks into the distance, perhaps thinking. He doesn’t look in the moment even as he leans on Rafa. Poor Rafa looks exhausted; emotionally and physically drained.

    Ironic but the positions of their heads symbolizes to me an “A-frame” relationship. That is, a relationship where two individuals lean against each other. They prop each other and depend on one another for support. If one stands up, the other falls. If they lean too hard against each other both fall. It is a co-dependent relationship, not very healthy at all and perhaps indicative of the overall conflict plaguing the boys through Chapter Two. Regardless, it is another lovely, thought-provoking image. Well done, Mice!

    Lastly, I wish you well during your break. I look forward to Chapter Three and you can count on me to join Patreon. I like the idea of “how to” videos and secrets about the story. It seems like a lot of fun!

  • Kinkylittlewolf

    I absolutely love this so far and am really looking forward to the next update! I generally don’t like the more realistic style drawing but this is awesome!

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Have a nice break!!!!!!!! And I’m not going to lie scruffy Rafa is not the way to be, but if this is his new look it might grow on a girl

  • Naomi

    I just read the entire story in the last three or four hours. I LOVED it, and can’t wait for part three!
    I really like how you draw, and how the art developed throughout the story.
    And please make Rafa and Elan happy again…

    • themice

      I am happy you were able to mainline it like that! :D And, yes, almost embarrassing how the art develops when you draw a lot. <3

  • InsaneDestiny09

    I hate you, love you, and hate you some more. Why can’t they just get back together and have makeup sex.

  • Red

    This is too cute!

  • D. Garrett

    they both look like scrumptious, delicious, mouthwatering, delectable human equivalents of chocolate!!! yummy yummy yummy yumminess. *goez searching 4 chocolate.