Chapter Break 8

Chapter Break 8

Self-Defense Lessons

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  • This is so cute and adorable. *squeals like a fangirl*

    *giggles* Is it bad of me to think Rafa had more than one reason for teaching Elan these things? I mean….all that close contact? *giggles* I wonder how many of those “about to kiss” moments they had. ^_^

    Rafa takes his role as a brother serious. ^_^ I wouldn’t mind having him as a brother. ^_^

  • Donald Burch

    This is a sweet and uplifting break from chapter’s end. Thanks Mice, I needed it! Doki, I think you nailed it. There is an appeal to all that masculine wrasslin’. An excuse to get physical and still be “guys.” Nice perk for the peace of mind than Elan can defend himself, no?

  • Lleyn

    That’s what I’m learning in my Taekwondo class at the moment, self defense. Some of these moves are so simple and yet so effective, you don’t even have to be an aggressive, strong person to fend an attacker off. But I wouldn’t have hit a pinata that beautiful either! I would’ve made a tiny hole in it and picked off the sweets one by one.

  • Cris

    and this ain’t helping my broken heart sob

  • YaoiGirl09


  • comicsfan

    elan! let him wrestle you! already! the only thing you have to lose are your clothes.

  • Larkle

    Preach! Rafa is totally right, Elan. I’m taking self defense classes right now. Knowing what to do is invaluable.

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    That is cute