Chapter 8 – The Argument: Page 9

Chapter 1 – The Argument - Page 9

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  • Tambra Galid

    I have to like a page that uses the word “Seraglio.” Very nice.

    • themice

      It is one of my favorite words, second only to “callipygian”.

      • D. Garrett

        yay for fellow word lovers! one of my fav words; soliloquy. next fav: insouciant.

      • Ninhursag

        “Seraglio” harem quarters, eh? A harem would suit a guy like Rafa ^^ Elan would always be number one though, lol.

  • SVM2015

    Oh word humor. How I love thee.

  • b3nc0

    Though, not a good way to ease the tension!

  • loveispainpleasure

    Is Elan just discovering his sexuality? The way this story reads it seems like he didn’t know he was into guys, and this situation just sort of opened his mind to his sexuality and allowed him to discover it. I love that.

    I found out I liked women when I fell for my now ex best friend and absolutely NOTHING happened between us. I feel very cheated.

    • themice

      Elan never had the freedom to explore his sexuality. He never was attracted to women, so knew deep down he might not be straight, but never overtly attracted to anyone. Rafa caught him off guard, because he really was very sexually attracted to him but scared.

      • JesBelle

        Funny, I was wondering about Elan’s sexuality this week and the thought occurred to me that he seemed likely to be demi-sexual. Can you tell the hiatus is making me a little obsessed?

        • themice

          I hadn’t thought of that, it could be the case!

  • IronDog

    At least they cut to the chase and expressed themselves honestly.