Chapter 8 – The Argument: Page 7

Chapter 1 – The Argument - Page 7

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  • Domen

    Protection from Big Pimpin’, haha. Nice.

    • themice

      The Governor is baaad, but so far nice to Elan right?

  • lks

    hmm, I see where this is going…

  • lks

    I wonder what the guvner actually wants form Elan…

  • D. Garrett

    i had someone look out for me like that. my area was under the control of this guy and i think he was looking out for me from a distance. one day i was trying to go to work and my car was trapped in the snow/ice. i tried a small shovel i had but it was only effective with soft snow. so i brought the biggest knife from the kitchen and hacked away at the ice as best as i could. my brother and boyfriend were helping me but it was to no avail. all of a sudden and expensive car pulls up and 2-3 guys get out and help us dislodge my car. i made eye contact with the head guy/leader. it was a surreal moment. finally a face to all the mystery. after my car was in the road they just left without a word. i think my boyfriend new the guy and had a lot more insight as to what was really going on.

    • Ninhursag

      Wow, that’s a really interesting story to read, thank you for sharing !~