Chapter 8 – The Argument: Page 5

Chapter 1 – The Argument - Page 5

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  • Fluffy_bat

    This is truly amazing.I love the art and the story is just subtle enough to tug my feels but not too subtle as to bore me.good job :3

    • themice

      Reality & slow build up versus making it too slow & boring is something I think and worry about a lot. :) I am happy it is working for you so far!

  • Cristina Cornejo

    (this is like my 5th comment and I’m sorry, but that exact same thing has happened to me TWICE)

    • themice

      Running into poles? I ran into a bike rack once.

      • Cristina Cornejo

        i ran into a tree on a bike. (edit: and then proceeded to roll down the hill with the bike on top of me)

        • themice

          I broke my foot — in the kitchen.

          • Cristina Cornejo

            You win because even though I’m very clumsy I’ve never broken any bone.

          • Me too. I always tell people that I am accident prone, but in the small way. No broken bones, no stitches, but I will somehow cut myself on a smooth surface.

          • themice

            Let’s see I’ve broken: my nose, my arm, my wrist, my foot, my jaw, and my toe. Not all at the same time of course, but I’ve broken so many bones!

          • Ouch….

        • D. Garrett

          im sorry but this made me laugh! and not only just laugh but really hard and long. i feel guilty now! i hope u were ok though.

          • I recently broke my toe again.

          • Cris

            if its a funny story i want to hear it (are you okay though)

          • Not an interesting story. I walked into a wall when I got up suddenly in the middle of the night from a sound sleep bc I thought someone was breaking in.

          • Cris

            i recently ran into a pillar while walking into my faculty, and fell to the ground really hard. I literally walked into the pillar like it was platform 9 3/4.

          • Oh dear, everything was okay though?

          • Just quite painful and had difficulty walking for a few days.

          • Awwww. *hugs*

          • Cris

            i understand, my friends also laugh when i tell them the story. I was okay, just a litle bit dirty and humiliated. (fyi, i’m laughing at myself right now)

          • D. Garrett

            thanks! i dont feel as guilty now.

        • Reading this again makes me laugh too…

  • lks

    I’ve noticed that Elan doesn’t use contractions very often. This interests me.

  • Ariola Young

    Reminds me of the time that I walked into a Stop sign(except he didn’t trip over something right after)