Chapter 8 – The Argument: Page 21

Chapter 8 – The Argument - Page 21

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  • Domen

    The animals always judge.

  • b3nc0

    “Or better yet: don’t look at naked me at all.”

    • loveispainpleasure

      Mura: finally, you look normal! I don’t understand why you humans put those weird things on your bodies all the time. You and Elan sure like to take those weird things off and be normal together, don’t you?

  • Red

    Mura already loves him too…

  • I found the mouse. :D

    • Ninhursag

      Yep, me too, under the bed ^^ It’s so fun rereading this to try to spot the mouse.

  • Akira Gımıe A Fıght

    i found the mouse and i think the cat likes him to much to judge and my fave diolog is the last lol XD