Chapter 8 – The Argument: Page 16

Chapter 8 – The Argument - Page 16

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  • cannibalpudding

    omfg i can’t even the cat ugggh @_@

    • themice

      Cat is a voyeur! ;)

  • PrincessOni

    Murakami: …Dafug? I need to stop sleeping through this crap

    • themice

      He was thinking “maybe this means I get to sleep in the bed from now on too!”

      • PrincessOni

        Mura: Yay, I can sleep on the bed now….aww, cmon guys! Stop doing STUFF on ittt! You keep WAKING ME UP! I’ma bite you both later…

  • Ana Badra

    Shivering? That’s adorable!

    • themice

      First time jitters!

    • Guest

      So, he knows three-syllabled word too!

    • b3nc0

      So… He knows three-syllabled words too!

  • Cristina Cornejo

    and in that moment, I swear, we were all murakami.

    • lks

      OH MY GOD. I didn’t even notice him and then scrolled up and died

    • Red

      Yes we were!

  • SVM2015

    On the one hand, there’s the tension and magnetism of first love. On the other hand, there’s profound humor about the unexpected voyeurism from a cat. BRILLIANT!

  • omukae

    lol Murakami is just so cute in that last panel! XD

  • loveispainpleasure

    Second panel…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …god

  • IronDog

    Cats look on disapprovingly. This is the story of doing anything with most of my exes XD