Chapter 7 – The Corner Hole: Page 25

Chapter 7 – The Corner Hole - Page 25

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  • Tambra Galid


  • Del

    “…Like a freight train…” but I thought Rafa hit Elan with a *shot*

  • lks

    hmm, it seems they both started to fall in love in a way that reflects their personalities.

  • it’s interesting how their written style of communication seems very different to me from their spoken style…

  • lks

    NECKLACE. and are those tear tracks on his face?

  • InsaneDestiny09

    I am just starting to notice, probably because I usually ignore the comments, that it’s like he is looking back and reading the journal and adding his own comments. Kind of like something happened to Elan and he found Elans’ journal, kind of reminiscing the past. Tell me something bad doesn’t happen to Elan.

    • themice

      You’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

      • InsaneDestiny09

        Don’t leave me hanging. I don’t want Elan to get hurt, at least tell me if there is any phiscial violence (by the way it’s midnight and after ten mt tyoing gets horrid and i dont bothe to correct)

        • themice

          All I can say I didn’t get hate email, just a few concerned ones.

          • InsaneDestiny09

            Oh no

          • Doxi

            I have exactly the same bad feeling about Elan, when I saw Rafa’s notes in Elan’s diary. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

  • D. Garrett

    its hard to describe what this webcomic is making me feel. i think the journal entries afford such an intimate glimpse into the mind of elan and rafa that i almost feel just as involved in the relationship. it has an effect similar to that of my favorite original fan fiction story. i am emotionally involved now and i feel that even though things obviously go bad as some point, i cant turn away. its a little frightening tbh. or maybe thats my que to take a nap???

  • Ninhursag

    All diary entries, without exception, are so amazing to read!~ I love the genuineness and gentleness with which you write your characters mice <3

    • I enjoy writing the diary entries. Takes me a while because I’m a slow writer (though I use to write not draw).