Chapter 7 – The Corner Hole: Page 10

Chapter 7 – The Corner Hole - Page 10

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  • Tambra Galid

    Yep. I was afraid of that. The same thing happens to me when I play pool. Sigh. Poor kid.

    • themice

      LOL, yes. This happened to me in real life so I know it is possible!

    • Dakejev

      I barely managed to miss my friend’s forehead on my first ever try. Even now (I’m still crap at it, but more due to hitting them too lightly) she moves to stand behind me when it’s my turn. =P

  • Dokidokibaka

    They have only themselves to blame….he DID try to warn them….

    • themice

      LOL! Yes he DID.

  • lks

    oh my goodness. jake is such an angry child.

  • sweet payback to the asshole :P

  • Lady Mania

    LOL! Totally saw that coming. Did that once the first time I played.

  • Just a thought…but there are people who specialize in trick shooting that could pull that off, but the person they are aiming at would have to be in the exact right place.

    ….and Elan is no trick shooter.

  • D. Garrett

    karma strikes again. reminds me of “my name is earl” in the beginning episodes…. used to be so funny.

  • Ninhursag

    Serves you right Jake.