Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin: Page 8

Chapter 8 – First Day & Jacque Pépin - Page 7

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  • themice

    She is modeled after a real Miss Libby! long gone unfortunately.

    • Ninhursag

      Awww, sorry to hear that, she seemed like a fun person to be around.

  • lks

    You said somewhere that you wanted typos pointed out, I think? “Elan? That’s is Jewish, right?”

    • themice

      Thanks, I fixed it on the original. Hopefully I get to the online version soon too.

  • Red

    I just started to read this comic today and wanted to finish before commenting but I can’t. I LOVE it. Your art is amazing. Se ve muy trabajado y cuidadoso. Amo a Elan, se me parece a mi hija cuando era bebita, el cabello es igualito, kawaii!!! Perdon pero tengo la sospecha que eres hispanoparlante o me equivoco? Si no es asi just let me know. Garcia Marquez (RIP) tambien es mi escritor favorito. Me encantan las citas y las canciones tambien. Le dan un toque tan distinto al comic. (BTW I just wanted to say that I love that kitty too, how couldn’t I?)

    • themice

      Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras. Espero que siga disfrutando de mi webcomic!

  • Ninhursag

    The most lovable old lady appeared, she’s so sweet she might give me diabetes lol.
    “I’m going to have to talk to Rafael about keeping you”, she’s talking about Elan as if he’s a little, frail puppy or kitten <3
    P.S: I love how Murakami clings on Elan's leg, just too adorable ^^