Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin: Page 18

Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin - Page 18

You & I – Wilco

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  • themice

    I try to put up a variety and hope one or more someone will keep!

  • SVM2015

    I love Rafa’s comments in Elan’s journal and yet I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. These comments feel like ones made after a breakup or a loss of some sort. Maybe it’ll change as I read on.
    But getting back to what I like about the writing – it feels so intimate and shows how close Elan and Rafa’s relationship is beyond gestures and what’s seen on the page.

    • themice

      My reasoning here – to make the journals more revealing than the panels, not just because it is easier, but it is also their discovery about how much they meant to each other after the fact. How what they had was so great and didn’t fully appreciate it at the time.

      • SVM2015

        Yeah. They haven’t expressed that externally and yet it’s hard to do so because they love each other so much and society is getting in the way (i.e. social life for Rafa, family for Elan).

  • nice song!

  • Red

    The after notes kill me!

  • D. Garrett

    as someone who had her diary read by a sig other, i feel a slight sense of violation on elans behalf.

    • My sister read my diary and told on me to my mom. I never quite forgiven her for that. I got back at her by finding her diary, but instead of ratting on her I just wrote “I was here.” all over it. Just a kid!

      Rafa has a reason for doing it, as you will see.

  • Ratrainia Ashcroft

    Why do I get the feeling something terrible’s gonna happen to Elan? I don’t wanna think it, but the comments at the end of the pages are steering my brain in that direction and it makes me smile yet wanna cry at the same time.

    As for the webcomic itself……I didn’t picture this as my cup of tea. The art style is completely different than my normal kind, and yet I find myself falling for it with each passing page. Your characters look and “feel” believable, from their personalities all the way to their names.

    I’m terrible at giving good (in a critique sense) reviews, so I’ll end it with this – you’ve given me a slice of happiness in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Kudos to you =)

    • Hope you’ve found out what happens by now!

      Thank you for your comments and very glad you gave the comic a try although it was not your style! <3