Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin: Page 16

Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin - Page 16

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  • CarolaFunder

    Ok, i have to comment now. I’ve read your comic so far. I love it very much !

    Except for the upcoming love between (or it,s already there) bewteen Rafa and Elan, I actually don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s a very good thing, and it keeps me reading. Your art has lots of charm, and I love how you draw smiles! And your focus on hands is very interesting. Rather delicate than just heavy smooching.

    The story has some very typical elements I think, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. i think it works very well. I’m eager to know what will happen! And what’s with the Governor? Not sure he’s bad or good.

    ‘Stricktly Dickly’! I enjoy very much the humour too!

    • themice

      Thank you for commenting! Upon starting this I was actually more scared of the art part of it — I have WRITTEN many stories but this is the first time illustrating such a long story. So I stuck with what I knew – pencils and hands :) instead of ink or digital and anime.

      I do use some time-honored tropes – rich boy/poor boy, opposites attract, misunderstandings, etc. But I hope framed them into a story that isn’t very predictable. I think people will be surprised how particularly Elan grows but remains the kind person he always was.

      I first heard the term “strickly dickly” from a homophobic woman emphasizing her preference, which only maybe me suspect her more since she was so adamant about convincing everyone about that.

      • loveispainpleasure

        Yeah, “strictly dickly” is something more commonly applied to straight women, but I suppose it works for gay men too.

        Yes, usually in the context of a homophobic straight woman rudely declining the advances of another woman. Most likely while hanging out in a gay bar ogling guys who aren’t interested in her lol.

      • Runtytiger

        What I really enjoy is that so far we have the character Elan and how he interacts with the world itself. He is in a completely new and different environment but he learns to adapt and even influence the environment around him.

  • Tambra Galid

    Good line with the Stricktly Dickly. I haven’t heard that in years.

    • themice

      Such a good saying!

    • i’ve never heard it before lol