Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin: Page 1

Chapter 6 – First Day & Jacque Pépin - Page 1

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  • PandaPandy

    Dat ass. <3 Hellllllo, Rafa~

  • D. Garrett

    rafa is so sexy here. too bad there isnt a hard on there.

  • AEmerz

    Hey is it just me or is the comic page for this just not here? I tried clicking it to see if it’d open in another tab, but it goes to a 404.

    Mice, would it be possible to fix this? Thank you! I want to enjoy Rafa’s wonderfully drawn ass too.

    • Thanks for letting me know. Fixed.

      I recently moved all the images to an Amazon repository to clear up some space for the forum. My link checker didn’t catch this error! :(

      • AEmerz

        Thank you for the speedy response! I love your comic so much, I’m a new reader but I’ve already re-read this comic 3 times and my favorite parts about dozens. You’re very talented!

        • AEmerz

          Also, clicking back, this page is lovely! It’s all fixed so anyone in the future visiting the page, enjoy the sexy Rafa pushups!

        • Haha, I thought I responded too late. I was busy bicycling.

          Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to do so.

          • AEmerz

            Not even, you’re allowed to take your time, I was busy reading Chapter 12 again and I actually didn’t expect a reply, so this is very nice of you. It took me a bit to figure out what regime Elan referred to in a later page about him gaining 5 pounds since coming to Rafa’s, but then I read the part about Rafa teaching Elan self defence and the drawing of Elan lifting the weights and I just connected the dots. True mark of good storytelling is that a page can be missing and a reader can still easily understand what’s going on.

            You’re welcome! I’m a little sad it took me so long to fully read this because I know it’s almost over by the end of December (if I remember correctly), but your drawing and sense of the little emotional moments have made me a fan. I seriously read all of Elan Meets Rafa in the span of one night, with headphones on so I could listen to the page soundtrack you put at the bottom of pages and just felt swept with emotion. I’m really really proud of your work here; it’s a fast favorite.

          • It won’t be over by this December, at least. I thought it had about six months left, but I keep adding scenes I think help the story out, or add to the characters and/or finish other storylines. I WANTED to be finished in six months to start other projects, but now I’m not sure that will happen!

            THANKS AGAIN.

          • There is nothing wrong with making it a little longer! O:-)

          • AEmerz

            Oh sorry, I read that wrong about when the comic is over. My apologies! I mistook the holiday hiatus with another comic ending date. Really sorry about that.

            Well, whichever happens I’ll support. If you need a new change then I suppose a new project would be nice, and I’d check it out if you post on your tumblr about it. But I do enjoy the comic. But personally don’t feel overly obligated, I’m just happy that Elan and Rafa will wrap up properly because I’m really sad another yaoi comic Teahouse is ending. Which, is why I flocked here to find another fix and was floored when the art and story was amazing. But I definitely do second more of this, if you’d like to keep continuing because I love the characters. Thanks again.

          • You can find other yaoi comics to read here:

            There is a recommendation section and a section that keeps you aware of when comics are updated. There are plenty of comics to choose from. ^_^

          • AEmerz

            Thanks so much!

          • I’m sad about Teahouse too. I don’t have much time to read webcomics but I kept up with that one precisely because it didn’t update too much (never fell behind!).