Chapter 5 – Mr. Jones: Page 9

Chapter 5 - Mr. Jones- Page 9

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  • NatureFantasy

    Mouse Spotted (in bottom panel)! XD

    • themice

      Good catch! :)

  • And so plans are made….You know Elan, Rafa says he doesn’t like cats, so what would he say about Ms Mouse that likes to follow you around? Does he like mice better than cats?

    See? As soon as he leaves the building….she is there. Elan the Animal Whisperer. Yay for the return of Ms Mouse, I was missing her.

    • themice

      She pops up when you least expect it.

  • Ninhursag

    “I don’t care much for cats” oh Rafa, how wrong you’ll prove to be in the future, since you’ll quite soon care a LOT for Murakami, maybe because he reminds you of Elan?…