Chapter 5 – Mr. Jones: Page 17

Chapter 5 - Mr. Jones- Page 16

End of Chapter theme song ~ Easy Silence

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  • Ace Levine Adelynne

    you know what, i’m starting to like this. you got ur own style, and the feeling is just there :)

    • themice

      I’m happy you are getting into it. :) Yes, it is a different style, the only style I know how to do at the moment.

      • Maria C. Cezar Garcia

        This memories and feelings ping pong is remainding me strongly of NANA, that’s one of my favortie things in the world. ♥

        • themice

          Had to google that, is that a manga? You recommend it?

          • Maria C. Cezar Garcia

            It’s a manga, and they made it into anime too. The anime has a finished season, that fllowed the story til a pretty “happy” point. The maga’s been on hiatus for a few years now, and the story’s at a very, very sad and decisive point. These are the bad things about it, I guess, besides it, NANA’s awesome. It’s by Yazawa Ai, her art is beautiful and she writes amazing, touching female characters (the boys are really cool too, but the girls stand out the most), and NANA’s about a friendship/deep loving relationship (apparently not romantic, at least I don’t see it that way) about two girls with this nama (Nana) and music, growing up etc. It’s something between shoujo and josei. REad/watch it if you can, it’s the best! :33

  • Trivea

    Okay, I was determined to just read straight through and comment on the last current page, but then I read this and I just can’t wait to comment. I’m loving this SO much, but Rafa writing (what appears to be much later) on Elan’s notes – or in Elan’s journal – just hit me right in the gut and changed “love” to “adore”. Okay, now back to reading.

    • themice

      ^^ it does become a strange past and future dialogue with the journal for many many chapters. :)

  • oh, i like this song!

    • themice

      I love this song, and it fit the scene so perfectly.

  • This is beautiful. This page. This comic. Thank you.

  • Cyanthian

    The journal entries that Rafa writes on hurt my heart every damn time.

  • D. Garrett

    nice that holding rafas hand made elan shiver. im depressed in advance because i know something bad is gonna go down. still reading…