Chapter 3 – The Governor

Chapter 3 - The Governor - Page 1

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  • The nicest thing Elan can say about Jake in his journal? “…had opposable thumbs, but I am not sure a measurable IQ.” So less IQ than an Ape/Gorilla and possibly most monkeys? *giggles* Rafa gets “He had a strong body – robust arms, and frank countenance. ^_^

    But as I turned to go Rafa caught my hand – lightly and gently – yet it was enough to stop me long enough to be convinced. *squeeee* How I wish I could say I had an experience like that. It is right up there with the “romantic” things I would like to enjoy someday. *sigh*

  • waxy

    I love the last panel on this page!

  • lks

    HAHAHAHA. Elan never liked jake I suppose :L

  • D. Garrett

    love the feet!

    • I love reading other people’s journals, letters, etc., especially old ones. Perhaps that makes me a voyeur.

  • Ninhursag

    “opposable thumbs but I’m not sure a measurable IQ”, that’s Elan’s way of saying that Jake “sucks.

    • Jermany

      Laughed so hard at that xD