Chapter 33 – An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 7

Chapter 33 -An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 7

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  • AWWWWWW look at Rafa’s niece so happy to be sitting on his lap. ^_^ So Cute!

  • vyxter

    I love that idea! Rafa and Elan should definitely have a big, old-fashioned wedding. Except not in a church. Elan is Jewish.

  • kuku

    Tio Rafa! Tio Rafa!

    What are the names of his sister and niece?

    Also the happy couple ducking rice is very sweet! Looks like Jake got his hat back on. Carlise looks great.

    • Rafa’s mom is very religious. She named her kids, if possible, after the Saint’s day they were born on. So, unfortunately or fortunately, some of the girls’ names sound dated. Now you can guess what day is Rafa’s birthday!

      • kuku

        Hmm. So it’s October 24 or September 29?

  • bronakopdin

    Oh my, this whole page screams good mood x3