Chapter 33 – An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 13

Chapter 33 -An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 13

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  • lol Elan is scared of Rafa’s sisters? He is going to have to meet them eventually. ^_^

  • camelotcrusade

    Elan, honey, gay boy 101 is making friends with ALL the sisters. You can do it, it’s your gift even if you didn’t know it. 💖

  • Jeldenil

    Well, Elan, looks like you are an uncle yourself.

  • JesBelle

    Maybe Rafa should have introduced them a few at a time before letting them all converge on poor Elan.

  • D. G.

    I sympathizer with Elan. It is a bit intimidating.

  • I have intimidating female cousins. Trust me, Elan’s fear is genuine. LOL. These pages look so happy, Mouse! It’s like a reward for those of us who stuck around when things were bleakest for our boys. I appreciate it, thank you!

  • bronakopdin

    hahaha xD
    the fear of the sister x3

  • kuku

    Are two of Rafa’s sisters twins? (The ones in the similar jackets. I’m thinking of them as the nun and the butchy one, though that’s probably not accurate. Speaking as someone who appreciates butch women.)

    • Karma Chameleon

      I think she’s going to chew Elan up and spit him out. Haha.