Chapter 33 – An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 12

Chapter 33 -An Epilogue, of sorts: Page 12

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  • kuku

    Oh that’s wrenching. Elan looks gutted there realizing how he’s hurt Scott and coming back is just going to keep Scott in that orbit – and Scott knew going in how Elan felt about Rafa, but that doesn’t help…

    Scott is stronger than I am – feeling like that, I’d have a hard time being around the two of them together. (As in, I’d have to leave.)

  • The facial illustrations on this page are lovely. That is the best I’ve seen Scott as an illustration and Elan is lovely, like a porcelain doll, pale and delicate, easily broken but too beautiful to admire from afar.

  • I don’t think Scott is going to give up easily on Elan…

  • bronakopdin

    now these are the kind of lingering feelings I was talking about on my comment on the last page x’D
    But I love Scott for this x3

  • Elan looks beautiful here!

  • JesBelle

    Scott needs to decide how much he values his friendship with Elan. Is he going to allow “what could have been” to stand in the way of what they do have?

    Also, I agree with DB — these are beautiful portraits of them.

  • No_One_Special

    I think Scott has more feeling for Elan then Elan knows about, just by the looks, I know Elans heart for for Rafa, but still Elan be-careful.

  • D. G.

    Luv this page. They both look good.

  • bandanajack

    GREAT SONG! BIG FAN of blake, and this song tears you up…

  • bandanajack

    i would encourage anyone who doesn’t normally check out the lovingly curated music (hangs head) to check this one out, either the version on display, or striking dance edit performed by blake and his friends , which without being literal, still magnifies the music

    • Oh wow. I didn’t see that one. Appropriate!

      Music has so much feels, and he looks like Scott.

      • bandanajack

        and just beneath the unruffled exterior meant to cause the least pain to his beloved, is that absolutely anguished cry, choose me.

        i have been a big fan of blake’s career ever since he pissed off home audiences because he wasn’t “humble” on the first season of SYTYCD when he was already a working performer dancing lead back up for the biggest names in pop music (dying to snatch that mike and rock himself but his dancing always trumped his singing talents) that led to his premature departure, right back into his cushy but exhausting tour gigs.

        now i am right back to having that song on auto repeat in my brain 24/7

        you can still find most if not all of that first season of SYTYCD on youtube, or just watch his performances as background research.

        a solo, first season out of the box, 15 years ago. proud moms and dads of studio dance kids were not ready, but the kids went out of their mlnds

        • Dayum.

          • bandanajack

            so glad he moved you as well