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Chapter 32 - My Neighborhood: Page 37

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  • Awww this is precious!

  • camelotcrusade

    And since you’re in a bar with all of your friends, why not make the best of it? 🍻

  • Kat

    Love this page!

  • Jonni

    The lovely thing is that they all love Elan for being who he is.

  • bronakopdin

    Indeed he has! And he deserves it x3

  • JesBelle

    I feel like we should be having the big chorus number about the plucky and downtrodden and discovering where you belong now.

  • Red

    Love this and all of Elan and Rafa’s images…. Thank you Mice for your great art… I’m almost back. It’s been a month since Hurricane Maria hit here and I don’t have internet yet. Just some lousy cellphone service that goes on and off but I managed to read EMR which brings joy and some kind of “normality” to my heart. Thank God I’m fine.

    • How are things now?

      • Red

        Where I live things are a little better. I even got my internet back which was kind of unexpected, judging by the way things are in general around. I am certainly fortunate and grateful to God because of that. I live in a suburban area near the town (that’s why I think I have electricity and water) but the truth is that our electricity system in general was already in a precarious situation before the storms that after them it is in such a poor state that they really don’t know when will it be fixed for most of the people in the island. My house have the services but half of the residential area where I live don’t have it. There are so many broken light posts (wooden, concrete and metal ones) that were broken that they even had to buy them from the States . 95 % of traffic lights and direction signs were lost so driving in big cities like San Juan is kind of a nightmare in peak hours etc. Many people from the central areas of the island are having a harder time because not all the roads are in good condition its hard for them to get what they need but we are fighting to get back on our feet again.
        i’m grateful that my workplace went back to normal soon after so I didn’t lose too many days of work. Many businesses right now are still closed because there have been so many days without electricity, even their power generator are breaking down, and many people lost their jobs and are moving out … But I pray for my Puerto Rico. I keep working hard. Thanks for asking. Sorry for such a long answer…

        • I good friend of mine from college lives in PR, but on the side not hit the worst. I imagine her family is pretty wealthy. They had a generator but had trouble getting gas for it but was able to use the internet through her phone.

          Stay safe. Is PR getting the help it needs?

          • Red

            Thanks. Well it is yes and no. My sis (the one who lives with my mom, has a generator but in the days after the storm it was very difficult to get gas, even for our cars. We filled our tanks before, but when that gas run off it was difficult. We had to get up early and be on the line like since 4:30-5:00 am and wait for hours. I made a special line because I work at a hospital and hospital workers, policemen and emergency personnel had special lines but I was there till noon. Other people like my bro in law made such lines like from 5 am to 6pm and they did not sell you more than $15 to $20 dollars so people had to come back few days later but thanks God it is not like that anymore. Supermarket lines were the same and the few ATM’s working, the same. Everyone needed cash. Fortunately bit by bit things are getting better but there still more than 65% of the island without electricity, and a lot of people from the center municipalities are suffering because the roads are broken and the help is not reaching them as they need. I think that logistics have not been very coordinate. Politics and bureaucracy are ugh!! Bleh! But God has been blessing me all the time. I’m good thanks him. It’s very sad to see the images of before/after the hurricane. It looked like a bomb exploded here. Well take care. Here the map of Maria’s path. The eye was so wide it almost covered more than half of the island.

          • Oh wow. I am glad that things are getting better and sad that there is still so much left to do and that people are still without as much aid as they need.

  • D. G.

    Elan looks like he feels so loved and warm. Beautiful.

  • If I had ovaries I’d think they just purred.

  • SVM2015

    Okay. Who’s playing Midnight Radio right now? The feels are too strong!
    Seriously though, I’m glad Rafa and Elan are back together.