Chapter 32 – My Neighborhood: Page 33

Chapter 32 - My Neighborhood: Page 33

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  • JesBelle

    Yeah, the room’s totally on your side there, Unc. May I suggest you locate your cell phone?

  • bronakopdin

    OMG I love the posing xDD
    so true, that spitting

  • Justme

    Omg – last page I was screaming inside my head “no, Rafa! No! This is how you end up getting arrested”. Shoulda had more faith in Rafa; he knew what he was doing. That punch was so damn satisfying. Sometimes ya gotta meet a bully right where he’s at.

  • Not Rafa’s fault Mr. Singer cannot take a single punch to the face. Rafa should know. OH! Are we going to see that police officer again? The one that was all “what did you do this time Rafa?”

  • SVM2015

    Uh, Tom? (Call I call you Tom)
    Yeah, you’re basically asking for a duel of 2 against I don’t know A WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD.
    Thou art f***ed.
    Go home, you’re drunk on your ego.

    • It is good to see you commenting again! ^_^

      • SVM2015

        It’s great to be back! :)

  • Well, sitting around the Thanksgiving table might be a little tense from now on. *happy-gremlin-laugh*

  • kuku

    Plus, choking is definitely assault, and Elan is likelier to speak up if he has to protect Rafa.

    Great stance, Rafa!

    Elan too!

  • D. G.

    He hit him hard. Good!

  • fanfic3112

    Isn’t there more?????? I got to this page but I’m praying there’s more because I bingeread this since yesterday and can’t freaking get enough!!! I love it!!! I love the music! The art! The freaking awesome humor of all the characters! Their quirkiness! I feel like I’m right at home with all these very real but also eclectic host of characters! It depicts what us often so true…” In the worst of situations, sometimes even when you are at your lowest and see no way out, you will often turn around and find the most amazing people, in places you least expect them or thought they would be. ” the “good people…the most loyal of people…and often the most giving of people…can be found amongst those whom themselves have the least or themselves have know great difficulties and hardship”. One of my favorite shows is “shameless” because it not only depicts the humor and difficulties that can exist in poverty but also the absurdities and misconception

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    • Thank you! <3

  • camelotcrusade

    Welp, guess you better punch the other guy too, before he calls the police. 👮