Chapter 32 – My Neighborhood: Page 32

Chapter 32 - My Neighborhood: Page 32

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  • JesBelle

    “They made a very satisfying ‘thump’ when they hit the floor.”

    Please forgive my nerdery.

    • Jonni

      J’Kar for the win!

      • JesBelle

        Yes! What I love about it, is that line comes after he’s started giving up his more warlike ways for peaceful ones, but he still can’t resist a little righteous head-knocking.

  • bronakopdin

    omg he deserves it but I hope he won’t sue Rafa >//////<

  • camelotcrusade

    I fear this will not end well. Spoiled bullies with money and a grudge are not known for their grace.

    That said, some bullies never learn that there might be consequences for their actions. Pow! 👊

  • Krondor2000

    Oh well, at least Elan has some money to bail Rafa out of jail and retain a lawyer. 😏

  • I have to admit a certain level of satisfaction with that. But I hope Rafa doesn’t get into too much trouble.

  • SVM2015

    I’m a pacifist by training. But I can’t deny – that was satisfying.

  • MBWAH-HAHAHAHAHA!!! I have SO waited for this moment since Daddy Dreariest tore into his son in their first conversation! It’s worth jail just to see it.

  • D. G.

    Yes! I know Rafa is pleased with himself. Waited a long time to do that.