Chapter 32 – My Neighborhood: Page 10

Chapter 32 - My Neighborhood: Page 10

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  • Red

    Oh Scott!! Está pelú hehehe… and he looks happy too!

  • I suspect this isn’t the first time Scott’s heart has faced temptation. There is a reason why it is cliche for bartenders to wax with wisdom born of hard lessons. Part of the deal is the ability to bounce back quickly. I don’t think Scott’s heart has mended as yet but if he pretends long enough, he can convince himself. Thank you again, Mouse!

    • Jonni

      He knows that Elan has always been in love with Rafa and cares more that Elan is happy in the love he shares with Rafa than he does about having Elan for himself. Scott is truly a loving generous guy.

  • Jeldenil

    Scott is a sweetheart. I hope he can get over Elan eventually.

  • bronakopdin

    awwww Scott ;___; I so wish he will find his better half soon >//////<