Chapter 31 – Say It Out Loud: Page 3

Chapter 31 - Say it out loud: Page 3

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  • Jeldenil

    Too cute. Don’t touch the hair!

  • camelotcrusade

    That last panel takes me back to horticulture class… too bad my prof wasn’t that hot. ?

  • *giggles* His hair grows to the light…

  • I wish he’d get rid of the beard!

    • Jonni

      I don’t like beards, they feel like kissing a brush. But Elan is happy, so that’s what counts for me.

      • I personally don’t like them when they are in the scratchy irritating phase, but once they get that magical length and soften up…. ^_^

        • Jonni

          I’m going to have to try kissing a guy with a bit more beard now you’ve got me curious.

          • Beards can be lovely things sometimes. ^_^ Sometimes they tickle. ^_^

          • JesBelle

            However, if he refers to it as “the flavor saver,” run.

          • Yeah…

  • JesBelle

    Yeah, I’m Team Beard and Man Bun all the way!

  • Rafa is learning all sorts of big words with Elan! . I bet Elan likes to run his fingers through it too ;)

  • bronakopdin

    omg I commented on the pdate notice this morning but forgot to actually read the new pages x’D
    I’m so done ;____;

    but LOOOOL Elan is so epic coming up with that xDDD
    (or well actually: kudos to you, themice x3)

  • SVM2015

    The moment I saw Carlise with the clipper, I was thinking “Don’t mess with the bun!”

  • PenelopePepperPants

    No no Carlise! The hair stays! You did your bit with the beard, but now you leaf Rafa just as he is for Elan’s enjoyment.
    I too love men with long hair. Something about them just gets my motor running… ;)