Chapter 31 – Say It Out Loud: Page 19

Chapter 31 - Say it out loud: Page 19

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  • Rafa, we felt the same. *hugs* Poor kitties!

    • Red

      That would be my cat. I have a jumpy cat!

  • camelotcrusade

    Protect, not harm, Rafa. But you be you. Just don’t beat the cat! ?

  • kuku

    Yeah, I thought that would have to be coming. So that’s what sent the kitties flying!

    But I’m assuming Rafa isn’t writing from a jail cell, so there must be another way to solve this dad dilemma….

  • Red

    Oh my… so much violence… He just saw red.

  • Jeldenil

    I don’t think you’d be protecting Elan from violence with more violence, hun… :(

  • Jonni

    Rafa’s speaking in the past tense, so it would be “until he knew the fear”

    • bronakopdin

      I read it as “know” before and thought it was supposed to be know and just sth else was missing (either the s or the ‘ll) and now you said it with comparing the letters I see it is indeed already “knew” there x’D
      or rather possibly Mice corrected it already within the 3 months that passed since my comment ^^ bc normally I only mention these things after reading it 4 or 5 times to be sure it is really a mistake ^^