Chapter 30 – A Normal Day: Page 23

Chapter 30 - A Normal Day: Page 23

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EMR is nearing the end of the journey, theMice has to ponder dramatic threads.

  • kuku

    Best wishes with your ponderings! You’ve left us in a very nice place.

  • Jeldenil

    Happy snuggling holidays!

  • Have a great holiday break! This was a perfect note to end it on before break. ^_^

  • bronakopdin

    damn I jjust got my new bed yesterday (finally able to throw out the 12 yo. couch…) it cost all my savings and the first night was really comfortable!!! …
    Now all I miss is so. to share it with ;___;

  • Thank you for the colored page…so ful. of happy. Enjoy your holiday!

  • JesBelle

    So, if Rafa got home from work around 6 or 7-ish (That seems like a good estimate, since Elan tried to have dinner ready. 5 would be too early.), and most restaurants close down deliveries around 10 (Although you’d think in a city of reasonable size, there’d be at least a few places that went to 11 or 12.), that’s like a minimum 3 hours. Dang guys! No wonder they can’t keep their eyes open.

    • Jonni

      Olympic quality indeed.

      • JesBelle

        Too tired for the victory lap!

  • Red

    Ohhh Mice… I am so grateful to you for writing this story. And for everything, the encouraging messages from time to time, the way you are always there to read our crazy stuff an such and to support us with your comments. And thanks for such a great art and talent. And this art, and the way you did it on a heart on the announcement… just THANKS! Have a Merry Christmas and I hope the new year brings a lot of projects and health to fulfill all of’em!!! Blessings! We’ll be waiting…

    • Thank you for being with me on this looooong journey! :) Only a few more chapters.

  • Melliebae

    I love this so so much like I can’t express what this comic means to me. I always want to help you draw in more fans but I don’t have webcomic reading friends. I finally gave this comic a try sometime late last year after seeing many ads and I can’t believe I held off so long I’m cRYINg

    tldr: dey Qt good comix

    • Thanks so much for the comment! <3

      I used to advertise on Project Wonderful a while back, but I haven't in a year or so. I found myself content with the faithful readers I have and a bond with the usual suspects of commenters. I know I'll never get EMR huge but thankful for the followers it has now.

  • No right arrow on this page!

  • someonelse

    Wow, I can’t remember how I even found this, but it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time, and I just can’t get enough of it.

    I thought for a moment I’d run out of pages, but it seems there’s just a glitch on this page; if you see this, please fix that to avoid breaking your readers’ hearts. ;)

    Also, I thought at first that you didn’t have a Patreon, because there aren’t any links to it on the comics pages or the About page. I’m always amazed at how much artists are willing to share their work for free, so was looking for how to give you something, even if I get nothing “exclusive” in return. Maybe if you added a couple of extra links, more people would sign up. [Hint to other readers: pledge here!