Chapter 30 – A Normal Day: Page 20

Chapter 30 - A Normal Day: Page 20

Henry Jamison – Real Peach

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  • kuku

    What do you think, kitty cat?

  • camelotcrusade

    Say yes! And if we get to watch, definitely say yes. ?

  • Rafa is trying – inedible and preliminaries sweetie. ^_^ But yes, join Rafa in the shower Elan.

  • I called it last week. Shower with Rafa. It’s good for the soul, Elan. Doooooo eeeeeeet…!!!

  • Jeldenil

    Who could say no to that?

  • bronakopdin

    true dat, I’d jump to him ^////^

  • Auntie-Aku

    Everybody is going crazy about the shower part, and all I see is Elan finding a knife in Rafas shoe.

  • I come here for the music… and for the story of course!