Chapter 30 – A Normal Day: Page 1

Chapter 30 - A Normal Day: Page 1

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  • kuku

    I know how you feel about those phones, Rafa! Although the devil finally got to me.

    (Spanish approximately = “those things are of the devil”)

    • bronakopdin

      thanks yet again for translating the Spanish for me and others :D

  • bronakopdin

    I just finally got a smart phone myself in July x’D

  • bronakopdin

    btw Mice: as I just had this again with my latest 2 volumes: ofc in the
    print there are no translations of the Spanish parts, so when I read
    I went back to the webcomic to check the comments for those as I don’t
    understand one bit of Spanish x’D
    is it maybe possible to add translations of the Spanish parts on an extra page at the end of the
    books in upcoming prints? Just an idea of mine :)
    I mean if I feel like re-reading this whenever and someday the website might be down I’ll
    be doomed x’D online translators are far from accurate sadly…

  • Elan is looking FINE in that last panel…I guess that’s what happiness does to him :)

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    Hahahahha It’s been ages since I don´t say something is “del diablo” or “de diosito” XD Rafa can be so cute!! <3

  • Rafa comes home to find a smart phone on his side of the bed. ^_^

  • Jonni

    I’m reading this on my Smartphone!

  • D. G.

    Rafa needs to cuddle more. He’s not ready for the day.