Chapter 2 – Queenie’s: Page 5

Chapter 2 - Queenie's - Page 5

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  • He always treats people he hits with his car to lunch? How often is he hitting people? Enough so that it is now a tradition? *sigh* Rafa either needs to learn how not to hit people with his car or he really needs to find a new pick up line.

    • themice

      No, he was just trying to be funny and get Elan to have lunch with him. ;)

      • So he needs new pick up lines. ^_^

        Rafa is so adorable trying to pick up Elan.

        • themice

          Rafa was surprised it didn’t work immediately.

          • LOL. First time meeting someone resistant to his smile and/or charms?

          • themice



  • D. Garrett

    this banter is cute. and i love the drawing of the cat.