Chapter 2 – Queenie’s: Page 3

Chapter 2 - Queenie's - Page 3

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  • Anna

    What a great way of introducing yourself :D

  • I really find it amazing how well that stray cat stays with Elan. If I ever found a cat like that, I would never let it go. We would be two peas in a pod.

    Ms Mouse is at the corner of the building.

    • themice

      A cat with a nice home won’t follow you, but you can befriend a stray cat that wasn’t born feral. I’ve had some follow me home.

      Murakami’s origins are dubious though.

  • Denise Cruz

    I would have thought that guy’s crazy! What a way to approach another person… lol

  • “we need intros”

    ? i don’t think i’ve ever heard that colloquialism ?

    think i’ll file it away for future borrowing :)

  • Hmmm @themice:disqus I think it might need to be Yeah you, Yea is pronounced like yay. Though technically they are both correct, i have never heard someone on the street use yea. ^_^

    • themice

      Maybe it is a southern thing, where I am from. Though the world of EMR doesn’t have a distinct region.

      • Huh, just thought I would mention it, just in case, because it is definitely not a way I used to hearing it said. ^_^

        • themice

          Thanks! I have a list of things to consider so please keep telling me things that don’t seem quite right.

    • These are now all fixed in the book version.

      • I saw that. But it really does work either way. ^_^ I love the books to pieces. ^_^ They look so nice and lovely and gorgeous! Just need to train my cat to not lay or walk on them when they are open…. -_-

        • If your cat wants to sit on them, that is a good sign. Cats only sit on things they know you like and therefore they must conquer it.

  • D. Garrett

    there is a warmth to this art i really like.

  • Amanda Wolf

    He makes it sound like he hit him on purpose