Chapter 2 – Queenie’s: Page 12

Chapter 2 - Queenie's - Page 12

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  • Every time I see this page, I am always amused by the guy in panel 3 who is sleeping through the commotion.

  • Railenthe Zeal

    Whoopsie—I just spotted a typo in panel #1 (you’re*)

    Back to the rereading now!

    • themice

      thanks! I need to catch all these before I make it into an ePub.

  • Ek? Really? The last time I saw a mouse, I stepped on it on forgetting it was bigger than a cockroach. It felt funny under my foot.

    My point, In this place, she should be trying to killing, not acting all 13.

    I’m surprised she saw it anyway.

    Again, top panel wins best drawing of the set. :D

  • D. Garrett

    uniform looks like a halloween “fuq me” costume to me.

    • Hmmm, I don’t think I would go that far. It might be a little on the short side, but other than that it is relatively modest for a “sexy maid” costume. Most have a dramatically lower cut to the bodice. ^_^

      I agree that the hands holding the coffe cup panel is awesome. ^_^

      • D. Garrett

        true. if the upper portion revealed cleavage, it would qualify. u have a point.

  • Amanda Wolf

    Lol, that one guy’s asleep