Chapter 2 – Queenie’s: Page 10

Chapter 2 - Queenie's - Page 10

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  • Ms Mouse has a nice raised eyebrow look there. She is so cute.

    You cannot blame Elan for being cautious. They just met, he has already been forced to go to a diner, have coffee with an ass, and some “weirdo” is offering to put him up at his place. Yeah…totally not suspicious. ^_^

  • Denise Cruz

    At this point I would definitely think Rafa is crazy! lol
    Ms Mouse is still around there, uhn?! What a sassy little girl! (and SOO cute!! )

  • i’d not have thought “nice & friendly” to be the exact disposition as a serial killer…or maybe i mean to say, i’d not have thought ever make such a comment. not sure why i mention this…other than maybe because the sentence threw me for a loop lol.

    • Ninhursag

      Maybe he it unexpected for us to read Elan saying that, since he’s usually such a naive guy, but even he has some self-preservation instinct in that frail body of his ^^

  • The mouse is still around? You are in sad shape my friend when a mice thinks it has to look after you. :shakes head:

    • themice

      Mouse is a voyeur.

  • D. Garrett

    love the way the mouse has been drawn. and i understand elans caution.