Chapter 2 – Queenie’s

Chapter 2 - Queenie's - Page 1

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  • Is that the mouse by the trash can/barrel? Following at a discreet distance so as not to be noticed by kitty?

    • themice

      Yes. the mouse is sort of my find Waldo. She is infrequent and hard to find.

  • lks

    I love your art style! and I’ve just started rereading because of the comments comparing the earlier parts of the story to the later parts and I can’t help but notice how much your art has evolved from the start to where it is now; and presumably it will only get better :) good on you!

    • themice

      It is hard for me to go back without wincing a little. But we all had to start somewhere! I hope to keep improving little by little.

  • Amanda Wolf

    Hey, Elan has the same sense of direction I do: none whatsoever

    • In that way we are alike too! Geographically challenged.