Chapter 28 – Promise Part Two: Page 35

Chapter 28 - Promise: Page 35

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  • Auntie-Aku

    I have no idea what he just said but I am internally screaming (mostly because I don’t want to scream out loud in a classroom).

    Well actually I do have an idea. Amor gives a good hint.

    • kuku

      “Come here (close), my love.”

      • Auntie-Aku


  • Jeldenil

    Well, who could say no to that…?

  • bronakopdin

    I love this page! As always I didn't understand much so thanks to kuku for the translation!
    And omg the gesture with their hands! It's no meaningful T^T

  • D. G.

    Awww. So warm.

  • JesBelle

    According to a study done last year, Spanish is the happiest language. I’m feeling it now.

    • kuku

      My mom learned Spanish as an expat kid in northern Mexico in the 20’s, and I learned some when I was around 20, and neither of us spoke it well – but sometimes we would speak it with each other just for pleasure – it always felt like a warm language.

  • Red

    Aaahhhh…. the feels…. I have butterflies in my stomach!

  • kahltira

    Holding my breath, waiting for you, to turn and see the real me. Wanting it, fearing it, and praying I measure up to your love drunk heart.

  • IronDog

    The gentleness in his words, and juxtaposition of their hands, really infuses this page with warmth.