Chapter 28 – Promise Part Two: Page 1

Chapter 28 - Promise: Page 1

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  • bronakopdin

    @themice, I think you either forgot “time” in the sentence (“it took me a long – time – to regain…”) or there is one the “a” too much (it took me long to regain…)

    just saying ^^

    We all know this Elan, we saw how hurt you were :( You did it though! And now you have to look forward and tackle your future!! Hopefully with Rafa again :)

  • Jeldenil

    If it still hurts, it’s still not over.

  • kuku

    You can do it, brave Elan! With Gabriel Garcia Marquez there for support, just one of your many fans and supporters….

    You know, when Rafa finally meets Gabriel Garcia Marquez, he will probably start checking out his namesake’s books. Because Rafa’s read Murakami, hasn’t he, since you were together? If dinner gets too awkward you could discuss literature…. “So, how did you like A Wild Sheep Chase?”

  • D. G.

    The mice, ur awesome. Can’t wait for the next page.