Chapter 27 – Tabula Rasa: Page 9

Chapter 27 - Tabula Rasa: Page 9

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  • Oh dear.

  • kuku

    I hear that ominous Dragnet theme song music in my head…

    I hope there’s a good sheath in those boots so you don’t slice your shin, Rafa!

    • That type of boot comes with a sheath option. One just needs to get the proper sheath attachment for the knife used.

      • Yes. That is the knife the got from that burglar a long while back. He liked it so much he found the right accouterments for it.

  • bronakopdin

    oh dang so it was Rafa’s shoes in the sneak pic some time ago!?
    He thinks it’s a burglar! >////<

  • Jeldenil

    Maybe a strange thing to say, but Rafa looks stunning in his defensive stance holding that dagger.

    • Jonni

      I love his poise: alert, resolved but not aggressive or ill-tempered. It shows both his capability and integrity.

  • JesBelle

    I love the top left panel. All of the detail that went into drawing the worn work boots and the seams on the jeans, the slightly slouchy way the jeans cut — they all say something about Rafa, and they feel so homey and comforting. And then the knife.

    • I drew that one so long ago — see? I do have things planned out.

      • JesBelle

        I never doubted it.