Chapter 27 – Tabula Rasa: Page 13

Chapter 27 - Tabula Rasa: Page 13

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  • kuku

    “Because I’ve been longing to have you back here.”

    That’s right Elan, get Murakami to vouch for you.

    Mmm, yeah, I don’t guess Rafa is usually the one initiating conversations with the police.

    • kuku

      Also I love the look on Rafa’s face in the last panel. Elan love, it was never you that Rafa was furious at. And it wasn’t about the cat.

  • Jeldenil

    ‘Hello police? My ex boyfriend who I still love desperately is cuddling with his cat in my house.”

    • Ninhursag

      My favorite comment on this comic.

  • bronakopdin

    lol the police? Rafa? Elan, I guess you were gone for too long xD
    I love Rafa’s smile even though it seems a little mischievous ^^
    And how Elan is obviously that nervous :)
    They’re both so cuuuuuute >/////<

  • Jonni

    It looks like Murakami is smiling. A “happiness has returned to my home” kind of smile.